The Team

Tandem Nation is an idea that came to friends Agnes Varghese and Olalekan Adams in the summer of 2014.  They wanted to create a blog to express their personalities and allow interested friends and strangers to do the same.


Agnes Varghese (aka Aggie) is a Senior Broadcast Journalism and Psychology double degree at the University of Maryland, College Park.  With a passion for storytelling, she aspires to make you feel.

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Olalekan Adams (aka Ola) is a Junior Financial Economics major and Political Science minor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  With his revolutionary ideals and largely accepting philosophy, he wants to make you think.


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Victor Olalekan (aka Vic) is going to begin his first year in Pharmacy school this upcoming fall. With his strong views in music and fashion, Vic is here to share his tastes with the world.

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Dorian Gray- 19 years young, aspiring artist and writer. “The greatest sin a man could commit, is to waste the life he was blessed with.”

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Natalie Steenrod (aka Nat Stacks) is a Junior Biochemistry major and Music minor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. With her love for descriptive language, she wants to present ideas to make you not only see, but to feel.


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