Eargasm: “Up Like Trump” by Rae Sremmurd

My goodness. Usually I do posts on non-mainstream artists, but “Up Like Trump” by Rae Sremmurd must be posted on Tandem Nation.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Not all heroes wear capes.

My goodness. This song is FILTHY. Pure filth. I don’t want to hear ANY hating on this song. NONE.


This song has been on repeat on my computer for the last week. Rae Sremmurd got bangers, bra bra. Straight fuego.

Yeah, their music is like that.

Yeah, their music is like that.

I do not care that Swae Lee looks like Otto Rocket. This man has enriched my life.

Otto Rocket

All jokes aside, Rae Sremmurd is gonna be around for a while. Check out the song below to see why.

-Victor Olalekan (Follow me on Twitter @tobi5486)


The Title Says It All: “Why My Ol’ Lady Gotta Be A Thot” by Marvel Alexander

I first heard of Marvel Alexander a few months ago. The rapper/producer is the founder of Modern Outfit and is cool with a lot of people in the music scene, including Future Bounce “Triple OG” Lakim.

Anyone cool with Lakim is automatically a cool guy.

Anyone cool with Lakim is automatically a cool guy.

Anyway, this song is catchy, hysterical, and just dope, all around. I feel many people can relate to this song.

Check out Marvel’s music here and follow him on Twitter (@MarvelAlexander).

-Victor Olalekan (Follow me on Twitter @tobi5486)

Underground Music: “Tattered Labels” by Joey Aich

Joey Aich is a rapper from Cleveland, Ohio with a positive message. His song “Tattered Labels” details how people often try to find comfort in alcohol when they are dealing with difficult circumstances. The song has a great vibe and is as real as they come. The song is produced by The Jolley One of the UK and engineered by Mann BFeel free to follow Joey Aich on Twitter. Peace.

-Victor Olalekan (Follow me on Twitter @tobi5486)

Artist Spotlight: Fortune – The Master of the 808s

Here today with an Artist Spotlight. During these Artist Spotlights, I intend to give readers a deeper look into the people behind their favorite music, as I previously did with Rvdical the Kid.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.43.35 PM

Today, I will profile Fortune, who is, in my opinion, one of premier producers in the music scene. However, before I talk about the artist’s music, I want to talk about the person.

Fortune in action.

Fortune in action.

In July, I was able to meet Fortune in Los Angeles. He introduced himself as Rodney, which is his birth name and was just a real chill dude. From the jump, I could tell that he was a good guy. I was in L.A. with my friend Chris McClenney, who is in the music collective Flow-Fi, which Fortune co-founded with Subdaio and Abstract Youth. At this point, Flow-Fi began to earn quite the reputation, catching the ear of Soulection’s Joe Kay. That day, I drove us to Soulection’s headquaters, where Chris, Fortune and fellow Flow-Fi member/L.A. native Kuma would share their music with Joe Kay. Needless to say, L.A.’s gas prices were appalling.

Regardless, the day was still dope.

From left to right: Fortune, Kuma and Chris McClenney of Flow-Fi.

From left to right: Fortune, Kuma and Chris McClenney of Flow-Fi.

Chris and I spent a few more days in L.A., with us being able to hang out with Rodney, the artist known worldwide as Fortune. We even went to USC’s campus and had some fun with the piano, doing an acoustic version of ASAP Ferg’s “Work”, a song that Chris and Fortune remixed some time ago.

Needless to say, we had a GREAT time and I learned a lot about Rodney. He is an avid soccer fan, just like I am. He has played soccer for years and his favorite team is Manchester City (as a life long Arsenal supporter, I will forgive him for this horrid choice). The man is much more than music; with that being said, he makes pretty incredible music.

Fortune is a master of the 808 drum machine. Fortune’s drums are some of the cleanest you will ever hear and his baselines are filthy. 

Yeah, his music is like that.

Yeah, his music is like that.

I’m gonna stop talking and let y’all listen to his music for yourself. You won’t regret it. Keep a look out for this guy. He has some MAJOR stuff coming in 2015.

Above is Fortune’s interview with Modern Filth. Follow Fortune on Twitter and listen to his music below. Peace.

-Victor Olalekan (Follow me on Twitter @tobi5486)

Hidden Gems: “GetUpOutMyTrapHouse” by TEK.LUN

With everything involving Bobby Shmurda lately, many are unsure of the GS9 rapper’s future in the industry. However, one cannot take away the RIAA certified hit “Hot N*gga” from Bobby Shmurda, as it spawned the one of the more memorable dances of the last 10 years- The Shmoney Dance.

Where that hat went? No one knows.

Where that hat went? No one knows.

Baltimore native, NASA8 and HW&W member Teknowledge Lunerium, aka TEK.LUN, took Shmurda’s song while it was at its peak and created “GetUpOutMyTrapHouse”. The rest, as they would say, is history. This particular flip of “Hot N*gga” is undoubtedly dope and is something extremely unique. Feel free to check it out and follow TEK on Twitter.

-Victor Olalekan (Follow me on Twitter)

Wit’s Picks 8.03.2014

Whats good interwebs?

It’s DJ Wit aka your friendly neighborhood DJ aka your Grandma’s favorite DJ aka DJ Sunshine (not by choice) and I’m back this week to bring you lovely people a selection new songs. So grab your Beats headphones (or whatever it is you kids use these days) and check out the songs below.

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3rd World – Salva Feat. Scottie B & Astronomar

First up, we got Salva joining forces with Fools Gold Records as a part of their 2014 Draft Picks. With co-production from Astronomar and fellow Baltimorean Scottie B (shouts out Baltimore), Salva brings us a hard hitting, in your face track, that serves as a testimony as to why Fools Gold selected him for their team. The track brings all three producer’s sounds together, and could fit rocking festival crowds or a sweaty basement party. Check out Hoodboi, Brenmar, and the rest of the 2014 Draft Picks over at http://bundles.bittorrent.com/bundles/fgdraftpicks14.

Money (R3LL Remix) – Lido

Jersey Club producer R3LL (formally known as DJ Rell) has been making a lot of noise outside of the usually Jersey Club circle. He’s recently done guest mixes for LuckyMe’s radio show on Rinse FM, and for Jamz Supernova on BBC Radio 1xtra. Not to mention the support of big name producers like Cashmere Cat. To add to the list, R3LL comes through with an official remix of Lido’s “Money.” R3LL gives the track some Jersey Club flavor, taking it’s energy level all the way up to a 10. The remix is set to appear on the “I Love You Remix EP” out soon.

Attak – Rustie Feat. Danny Brown

GOfeeeD DAMvvvvN!! GIfbdfVE ME A SECObffND TO PICK MY Fmi,ACE UP OFF TH,,ifyE FLOOR! ITS H2e2nARD TO TYnnnnPE WDVJNAE;RGN WITHOUT IT. Ok much better. The Glasgow heat maker teams up with hip hop’s wild boy Danny Brown to deliver a face melting collab. It’s almost as if Rustie and Danny were made for each other. The Detroit MC’s erratic voice feels right at home over Rustie’s vivacious production. Make sure the room is empty when you listen to this, because you just might hurt somebody (I owe my Grandma a BIG apology.) The song serves as the second release off of Rustie’s new album, “Green Language” out on Warp Records August 26th.

Flawless (Remix) – Beyonce Feat. Nicki Minaj

YAAASSSS. BLESSSSSS. YONCEEEE. SLAYYYYY. These are just some of the expressions used by any girl between the ages of 12-45 once they saw that Beyonce released the “Flawless Remix” featuring non-other then Hip Hop’s reigning queen, Nicki Minaj. Both superstars lay down verses over a reworked instrumental with Beyonce addressing the incident that took place between her sister Solange and JAY Z in an elevator at the Met Gala a few months ago. And of course Nicki’s verse is full of references to bitches that are her “sons” and her ummmm…..cookie. Beyonce is finishing up her “On the Run Tour” with Jigga with a couple of shows in California and a few overseas in Paris. Nicki Minaj’s third studio album, “The Pink Print”, is set to drop later this year on Young Money/Cash Money records.

Wonderful Everyday: Arthur – Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment

Ever since I saw a video online of Chance The Rapper covering the “Arthur” theme song at one of his concerts, I have been hoping and praying that he would release a studio version. The classic PBS Kids show already had one of the best theme songs ever (shouts out to Ziggy Marley), and now has gotten a beautiful rework by Chance and his band, The Social Experiment. Along with additional vocals from Wyclef Jean, Francis & The Lights, Jesse Ware, Elle Varner, Eryn Allen Kane, The O’my’s, Peter Cottontale & Donnie Trumpet, the track will tack you back to the days you would rush home from school to turn on the tube and watch some good ol’ “Arthur.” It’s times like these that I’m glad Chance is the same age as me. It makes his music super relatable and that much easier to love. Chance will be closing out Lollapalooza in his home town Chicago, tonight at 8:30 PM CST. Catch the live stream here: http://lollapalooza.redbull.tv/#!/stream/3.

Wit’s Picks 7.27.2014

What’s going on interwebs. It’s DJ Wit aka your friendly neighborhood DJ aka your grandma’s favorite DJ aka DJ Jerryatrik. I’m back this week with some brand new songs to add to your playlist. Check them out below and enjoy! (Forgive me is this post seems a little choppy. I’m writing this while watching low grade shark movies on the SyFy channel. It’s doing some stuff to my brain.)

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Touch – Shift K3Y

I came across this song while riding back from work with one of my co-workers. She claimed to have this song playing all week long and I can see why. British Producer Shift K3Y released this song back in January so I’ll admit that I’m late, but hey better late than never. You can’t help but move once you hear the bouncy and synthy house production (I’m doing it right now.) And with a chorus as catchy as the common cold, this song will definitely be stuck in you head for the next few days.



Chimes – Hudson Mohawke

After what feels like an eternity, Hudson Mohawke finally releases the official version of his banger, “Chimes.” The contrast between the airy build-up and horn heavy drop gives the song that famous HudMo sound. If this sounds a little familiar it’s because the song is featured in the lastest MacBook commercial. You know, the one with the montage of all the different cover decals. HudMo will be releasing his new EP, also titled “Chimes”, September 29th on Warp Records.



No Flex Zone (Remix) – Rae Sremmurd Feat. Nicki Minaj & Pusha T

Brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy seemingly came out of nowhere with their Mike Will Made It produced hit. The energetic track gets the A-list treatment as rap heavyweights Nicki Minaj and Pusha T lay down their own verses. I was already a fan of the original, but Nicki and Pusha help add some lyrical content to the song, taking it to the next level. Nicki continues her killer rap streak and keeps her spot at the top of the female MC totem pole. And as always, Pusha comes through with verse full of witty wordplay and coke boy lines. No telling what Rae Sremmurd has coming up next, but they definitely have the summer on lock with this one.


Recognize – PARTYNEXTDOOR Feat. Drake

I never got around to listening to PND’s first album, but if this song is any indication of what’s on his new one, I just might check it out. I don’t know what it is about this song but it’s been on repeat for the past couple of days. Maybe it’s the paring of the spastic high hats and hard-hitting snares. Or maybe it’s the repeating “you, you, you” sound during the chorus. Whatever it is, I like it. The song also features a guest verse from OVO captain Drake, with his signature rapping/singing flow and typical lyrics about some girl in Houston. The OVO crooner’s next album, “PARTYNEXTDOOR 2,” is slated to drop July 29th.



Loyal (DJ Sliink & Trippy Turtle Remix) – Chris Brown

Jersey Club king DJ Sliink and cold-blooded producer Trippy Turtle come together to remix Chris Brown’s monster hit. While I’m sure there are plenty of people who are tired of the original, the Jersey Club producers give the song a new life with the chopped up vocals and club drum pattern. Trippy Turtle also steps in halfway through the song to add his signature chord heavy sound. Give the original song a rest and bump this one instead. And P.S. these hoes ain’t Fofo.

Wit’s Picks 7.20.2014

What’s good interwebs. It’s DJ Wit aka your friendly neighborhood DJ aka your grandma’s favorite DJ, and I’m back to suggest some new music for you guys. Peep the tracks below and enjoy!

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MMG Under God – Wale

There’s been some trouble brewing between MMG members Wale and Meek Mill lately, with the latter claiming that Wale hasn’t been very supportive of his recent releases. Even amid all the conflict Wale finds the time to release this soulful joint, and takes some time out at the end to shout out, “Free Meek tho.” Hopefully Meek Mill makes it out soon and the two can squash any problems they might have. Wale’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, “The Album About Nothing,”  is slated to drop later this year.


Soulja – Baauer 

I saw Baauer late last year in DC at 9:30 Club and man did he shut it down. Not only can he play a great set but his productions always stood out from those of his peers in the electronic/trap music scene (I hate the whole trap genre now. Definitely overplayed.) He’s been quiet with releases the past few months but he’s finally returned, taking you back to 2008 with his own twist on Soulja Boy throwback, “Birdwalk.” The energetic track is full of hard-hitting percussion that compliments Soulja’s lively voice. And those spacey ambient sounds at the end of track? Whewwww Baauer really broke out some new tricks for this one. It’s great to see him back with some new tunes and hopefully his debut album on LuckyMe records gets a release date soon.


Walk This Way (Lido Remix) – MØ

I included a Lido remix in my last post and felt the need to share another one with you guys. He continues his killer streak with his take on Dane eletropop star MØ’s single, “Walk This Way.”  With what sounds like someone banging on empty glass bottles and cans, Lido adds some more bounce to song, giving it a more energetic feel. Lido is beginning to make major moves in the mainstream music industry with a production credit on my girlfriend Ariana Grande’s latest album, “My Everything” due out August 25th.


Bug-A-Boo – DJ Hoodboi

Hoodboi began making noise on the Internet about a year ago with his Jersey Club influenced remixes of Janet Jackson, R. Kelly, and Ginuwine. He eventually grabbed the attention of dance music heavyweights such Skrillex, Ta-ku, and A-Trak. Fresh off an Asian tour with A-Trak and a recent signing to his label Fools Gold Records, Hoodboi releases his remix of a Destiny’s Child classic. With sped up chipmunk voices and jittering snares, the track is a breath of fresh air in the ever growing Jersey Club scene. Hoodboi will be going on his first tour throughout Europe this August.


Let It Go – Jeremih & Shlohmo

This past week saw the long awaited release of the collaborative EP between electronic producer Shlohmo and R&B singer Jeremih. The project is full of a new genre of music I’m gonna call “Sexy Future R&B.” (Don’t steal that shit either, I have it protected by copyright.) With Jeremih’s voice and a slowed down sample from Kraftwerk’s, “Machine Man”, this serves as the perfect song for your late night hook up. Be sure to check out the rest of the EP, which is available for free download at http://nomorenomorenomore.us/

Shmoney Dance

Bobby Shmurda Signs to Epic Records

By: Kwame Adjei

Through the power of internet hype, 20 year old NY rapper Bobby Shmurda signs to Epic Records following the success of his single “Hot Nigga”.
With his “shmoney dance”, he’s gotten millions of views on youtube and tons of vines dedicated to the young Flatbush native.
From his track record, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that he blew up. He performed with Rapper Meek Mill at the King of Diamonds strip club in June (before the nigga got arrested…again..come on Meek.. smh), he was on stage with Raekwon during the 2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, and he had Jay Z and Beyonce cosign his dance during their On the Run tour last week.
Not bad for someone who didn’t even start taking his rap career seriously until recently. Shmurda seems to be handling the instant rise to viral sensation pretty well though.
“I appreciate everything. I’m staying humble. I’m trying to stay humble. While growing up, everybody told me I should rap, this and that. Now, I’m really taking it seriously, working. It was kind of surprising but not surprising. I always felt I would make it.”
But with all this success comes its critics.
With multiple comparisons to Chicago rapper Chief Keef, Shmurda’s music is often dismissed as New York’s failed imitation of Chicago Drill Rap, which has paved its own way in the hip hop scene.
That, and the fact that most people have only heard like 2 songs from him, doesn’t bode well his for his future career as an artist.
Love him or hate him, he’s certainly got our attention, and with new singles coming out of his shmixtape, he isn’t going anywhere soon.
Is he the hottest thing coming out of New York? That’s for you to decide. But one thing’s for certain, you can’t knock his hustle. Shmurda’s out here shmaking his shmoney.